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Excuse me, are you a popstar?

Photographer Stefan de Batselier`s exhibition presents the most charismatic stars of the pop and rock world.

Stefan de Batselier has thought about how to visualize the music of his subjects. By making a photo of the artist, he also made a photo of the music. There are interesting stories behind the photos of various people and bands like, for example, Johnny Cash, Eminem or Metallica. The photos also suggest that there was more than just a fleeting encounter between photographer and subject.

Stefan de Batselier studied at the Sint-Lukas Institute in Brussels, where he graduated as a photographer in 1987. Photography and music used to be his hobbies before the time of his studies and it seemed quite natural to combine the two. The camera was a good excuse for a young photographer to work his way to the front at concerts and to meet his musical heroes.

Shortly after graduation, de Batselier moved to London, where he worked for 20 years as a music photographer for several record companies such as Sony, Virgin and Universal and various music magazines. De Batselier visited Finland for the first time in 1997 to work with Pan Sonic and instantly fell in love with the country.

The pictures in the exhibition have been published in the legendary British magazine New Musical Express, but there are also other music images, including de Batselier's Finnish years.

The exhibition shows for the first time the most memorable and popular photos by de Batselier.

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