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Nasan Tur: Agony

Nasan Tur works in an intermediate area between the public and the gallery space, drawing his material from messages and tensions he finds in the urban environment.

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Tur's works comment on the conflicts and failures of ideologies either directly or indirectly. While suggesting that we must struggle for fundamental democratic rights, such as freedom of the press, he also admits the risk that resistance can turn into violence, which expands the scope of his work to cover also the ethic dimension of both individuals and community action. The overarching theme of the exhibition therefore embraces all social struggle and the question of its justification. Nevertheless Tur also examines the individual’s experience: personal risk taking and opening oneself to ridicule. Yet the boldness to put oneself at risk, the ability to laugh at oneself, the tenacity to try again and again, and the ability to endure failure, these are all necessary if we want to defend important values.

A key medium of Tur’s art is his own body, which he sometimes pushes to extremes, such as when he tries to break Guinness world records. In spite of their political and social tenor, his works are often humorous, astounding and sometimes shocking. Tur examines people’s activities and politics in an occasionally bemused and sometimes sorrowful way. He uses any media that suits his theme. This exhibition includes sculptures, photographs, videos and installations. Some of the new works are on show to the public for the first time.
Nasan Tur lives and works in Berlin.

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