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Enontekiö gákti - Womes’s Dresses from the Kitti Family

The costumes in the exhibition are from the family of the Kitti family in Jyväskylä. Come and peep into this family cabinet!

Voit ostaa Museokortin tästä museokohteesta tai verkosta

Enontekiös Sámi Costume is the most decorative and most impressive of all five Sámi costumes in Finland. The costume charms with its colours, accessories and with its message. It is easily recognizable in its abundance of ribbons and tinkling silver jewellery.

The exhibition has been assembled by Maritta Stoor-Lehtonen. There are three women's costumes, one outfit for children and accessories presented in the exhibition.

The Northern sámi word gákti means a costume used by the sámi to express their ethnic identity, that is, their being part of the sámi culture.

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