6. Other Museum Card issues, fault situations and losing the card

6.1. Where can I find the user conditions?

The Museum Card terms of use in Finnish, Swedish and English.

6.2. How do I get in touch with Museum Card customer service?

At Museum Card museum ticket offices, personnel gladly help customers. If you have bought your card at a museum, in possible fault situations it’s preferable first to turn to the museum in question. You can also get help registering as a user by the customer service staff at the ticket office.

You can get in touch with Museum Card customer service by sending an email to museokortti(at)museot.fi, or by calling 044 784 5745 week days between 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Please note that by contacting the Finnish Museums Association, you don’t get answers to questions concerning the Museum Card.

6.3. My name has a spelling error on the plastic Museum Card. Can I change it?

The cards are produced and posted automatically on the basis of the information provided on the registration: the name can’t be changed afterwards. It’s the user’s responsibility to type their own name carefully. Completely new cards can be posted in order to get typing errors corrected only in well-reasoned special cases.

If your name has changed, for example, as a result of marriage, please contact Museum Card customer service.

6.4. I lost my temporary card, what shall I do?

After buying your card, it’s recommended you take a photo of the temporary card or write down your customer number in case the card and its number is lost.

If your temporary card is lost and you don’t have your customer number, we unfortunately can’t give you a new card since every number is personal and costs €74.

6.5. My wallet was stolen and my Museum Card was lost. What shall I do?

Please contact Museum Card customer service and we will send you a new one. In your message, remember to mention your home address and the number of your card if you have it. This accelerates the delivering process.

Please note that we cannot replace a card that hasn’t been registered for use, since the information on it is not in our system.

6.6. I want to receive the Museum Card newsletter. How does it work?

The Museum Card newsletter is sent by email once a month to those card owners who have given their permission when registering their card for use. The newsletter contains Museum Card news and provides interesting tips for exhibitions, museums and their events.

If you, despite having registered, don’t receive the newsletter, or if the newsletter doesn’t work properly, check your email address on the Customer Page, or contact our customer service.

6.7. My Museum Card chip doesn’t work with the reading devices at museums. What do I do?

If the automatic reading of the card doesn’t work, the customer service representative can type in the customer number on the reading device. If the chip doesn’t work at any other Museum Card either, it’s probably a question of a defective card. In these cases, please contact our customer service.

6.8. I have a Museum Card, but for the museum’s special exhibition I was charged a couple of euros extra. Why?

If a museum organizes, alongside its basic exhibition, an expensive special exhibition, it is entitled to charge an extra sum for the special exhibition consisting of the difference between the basic ticket and the special ticket – just as it says in the Museum Card terms of use. Expensive special exhibitions are, however, rare separate events. With a Museum Card, you can normally get access to the basic exhibitions of all the museums without any extra charge.

6.9. Is there a mobile version available of the Museum Card and does the card have a mobile application?

Yes – you can download the Museum Card mobile app on App Store and Google Play. Read more.


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