5. The Museum Card museums

5.1. Can I really get into more than 360 Finnish museums even every day?

At the moment, there are more than 360 Museum Card museums all over Finland, and you can pop in as many times as you like. You can only visit the same museum with the same card once a day, but you can visit again any other day.

You will find Museum Card museums on the map or by using museot.fi website search functionsYou can also find listings of the museums’ exhibitions and events on the website.

5.2. Why can you visit the same Museum Card museum only once a day?

In order to avoid misuse, you are only allowed to visit the same museum with one card once a day. Most museums give their customers (also Museum Card customers) a sticker, for example, with which they can visit the museum during that day.

5.3. Are other museums still planning to join the Museum Card system? Why haven’t all of them joined?

Yes, more than 360 museums in different parts of Finland have joined, and the number of Museum Card museums is still growing. The system is open, so new museums can join.

Please note that museums decide completely independently if they are in the Museum Card network or not. If your own favourite museum isn’t yet a Museum Card museum, it’s worth giving kind customer feedback directly to them.

5.4. I am a special assistant of a Museum Card user. Can I get in to a museum for free with them?

The Finnish Museums Association recommends that the assistants of museum visitors have free access to all the member museums of the Association, but the policy varies from museum to museum. Please check the policy of the museum you'd like to visit on their website or by contacting them directly.

5.5. Can you get a discount on the products of a museum cafeteria or shop with the Museum Card?

The museums can, if they so wish, offer benefits to Museum Card owners. Ask about possible benefits at the ticket desk or check benefits here.


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