4. Registering as a user of the Museum Card

4.1. What does registering mean?

When you register as a user of the Museum Card, your information is saved on our system. On the basis of this information, we print and send you a permanent, plastic card with your name on it.

4.2. I bought a Museum Card for myself at a museot.fi web store. Must I register as a user?

Those who have bought a Museum Card online at museot.fi web store or on the Museum Card app, don’t need to register separately. The personal information for the card has already been requested at the time of purchase.

Owners of cards bought as gifts on the online store or bought at a museum, register themselves online, and on the basis of the registration information, we post them the permanent, plastic Museum Card.

4.3. What does a campaign code mean and how does it work?

A possible campaign code entitles you to some kind of benefit and is fed into the Campaign Code field. Campaign codes are like any other offers – only valid for a limited amount of time.

If you forgot to use a campaign code or are using an expired campaign code, the discount cannot be added to your Museum Card after the fact.

4.4. When I try to register as a user, the following sign appears “the code is already in use”. Why?

Your code is already being used by someone else. Please contact Museum Card customer service.

4.5. I mistakenly entered the wrong address or some other wrong information on the registration form. How can I change it?

If you have given the wrong address information, you can send the correct information by email to Museum Card customer service.

4.6. The registration form is frozen or doesn’t move forwards when I try to fill it in. What should I do?

I you can’t move forwards on the registration form (for example, the Next button doesn’t work) or if the page is frozen, please try registering on another device or with another browser. Automatic filling of personal data may in some cases jam the form.

You can also contact Museum Card customer service if you still have problems registering.

4.7. Two weeks have already passed since my registration, but the permanent Museum Card hasn’t arrived yet. How come?

The plastic, relief printed Museum Card arrives in about 3-4 weeks following registration. The printing of the card and the delivering procedures of the postal service, however, might for reasons that don’t have to do with us sometimes delay the process. If the Museum Card hasn’t arrived in a little over three weeks from the time of registration, please contact the customer service

Please remember that while you are waiting for your card, you can access Museum Card museums with your customer number and personal identification, or with the Museokortti app to which your card number has been linked.

4.8. I already have a Museum Card, but now I have received a new one as a gift. Should I register once more?

If you have a plastic card and, for example, get a completely new Museum Card as a gift, you can combine these two cards. Combining can be done either on your Customer page, Museum Card app, or at a Museum Card museum. Combining adds another 12-month validity to a card that’s in use.

Only a completely unused (unregistered, no museum visits) Museum Card can be combined with a card that’s already in use. After the combining, the extra customer number is invalidated, and can’t be used as an entrance ticket to Museum Card museums. Two cards that are already in use can’t be combined.

4.9 I forgot to register within two weeks – is my card now lost?

No, but you can’t get into a museum until you have registered. Please remember to register online as soon as possible. After registering, the card reactivates itself within a few minutes.


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