3. Extending the validity of the Museum Card and combining cards

3.1. What does extending the validity of the Museum Card mean and how much does it cost?

When a valid Museum Card is renewed, its last day of validity moves 12 months forward. The new 12-month validity of an already expired card begins on the day of the renewal. It’s worth renewing the Museum Card beforehand: the renewal of a valid Museum Card only costs €73 (in 2024). The renewal of an expired Museum Card, that is a card whose validity has already ended, costs €79 (in 2024).

3.2. Where and how can I extend the validity of my Museum Card?

The Museum Card can be renewed on the Customer Page, at any Museum card museum and on the app. You can renew your card (that is buy 12 months more validity for it) at any time, even six months before the expiration date. A Museum Card that has already expired can also be renewed at any time. After the renewal, no new plastic card will be sent to you, but a new validity period will be added on the existing card.

3.3. How can I extend the validity of my Museum Card online?

The renewal takes place on your Customer page. You get the possibility to register on the page by entering your Museum Card number and the additional information required. Then select “Renew Museum Card now”. Extending the validity of your card is also possible with the app, read more in paragraph 8.11.

You can use the following payment methods when renewing your card on the Customer page:

  • Payment cards (Visa/Mastercard)
  • Online bank payments
  • Invoice (additional fee of €3.80)
  • MobilePay
  • ePassi
  • Smartum saldo
  • Edenred Card

On the web store, the total sum must be paid with the selected payment method. You will find the security code on the back of your payment card, and if you wish to use your Debit card, you can find the number and the security code at the bottom of the back of your card.

The validity of the Museum Card is updated when the payment has been completed. The receipt for the payment is updated at the same time on the customer pages. If the validity isn’t updated immediately after the renewal, log out and log in again on the Customer Pages.

3.4. How do I renew my card in a museum? Can I pay with Culture Vouchers?

The Museum Card can be renewed at any Museum card museum at any time. You can renew your card at the museum ticket office, and its validity is updated immediately. Currently, you can’t renew your card at the other points of sale (for example, Tiketti).

Please note that when a Museum Card is renewed, its last valid date is moved forward by 12 months. If the card has expired and is renewed, the validity of 12 months begins from the renewal date.

At the Museum Card museums, the renewal can be paid in cash or by card. At some museums, you can also use the Culture and Recreation Vouchers. The payment possibility depends on the museums’ payment systems, so please check the payment methods by calling or checking the home page of the museum in question. Please remember that Culture and Recreation Vouchers are personal.

3.5. What is meant by the standing order of the Museum Card and how do I subscribe to it?

When you pay for the renewal of your Museum Card on your Customer page or on the Museum Card Application, you can allow the standing order of the card. Standing order means that your card will automatically renew before its validity expires and the current price of renewal is charged to your payment card. This way, your Museum Card is always valid. Before the automatic renewal, you will always get a reminder by email in case you want to disconnect the automatic renewal.

3.6. I can’t log in to the customer page. What shall I do?

Are you sure you are logging in to the right page? The Museum Card customer page can be found at museot.fi/asiakassivu. If the form freezes or you can’t advance further from the page, it’s worth trying to log in on another device or internet browser. If this doesn’t work either, you can contact Museum Card customer service. If you forget or lose your password, you can invalidate it by pressing “Did you forget your password?”.

3.7. What does combining cards mean?

A completely new, unused Museum Card can be combined with an old one. If you have a plastic card and, for example, get a new unused Museum Card as a gift, you can combine these two cards. The combining can be done either on your Customer page, on the Museum Card app, or at a Museum Card museum. Combining cards adds 12 more months to your permanent card.

Only a completely unused (unregistered, no museum visits) Museum Card can be combined with a card already in use. After the combining, the extra customer number is invalidated, and can’t be used as an entrance ticket to a Museum Card museum. Two Museum Cards already in use can’t be combined.


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