2. Using the Museum Card

2.1. When does the validity of the Museum Card start? How do I check the validity of my card?

The validity period of your new Museum Card always starts in connection with the first museum visit; when the first museum visit is registered on your card. The time of purchasing or registering as a user doesn’t affect the validity, unless a museum visit is registered on your card immediately at the time of purchase. This also concerns cards bought as gifts. In other words: If you purchase a Museum Card today but visit a museum with it only on the fifth day of the following month, the validity period starts from that visit.

Please note that when a Museum Card is renewed, its last validity date is moved forward by 12 months. If the card has expired and is renewed, the validity of 12 months begins from the renewal date.

You can check the validity of your Museum Card at the ticket office of a Museum Card museum, your own customer page or on the Museum Card application.

2.2 Will I get into a museum if I have a valid Museum Card, but have left it at home?

The Museum Card must always be presented at the ticket counter in connection with your visit. If you leave the actual Museum Card at home, you can only access museums with your customer number, but when doing this, always be prepared to verify your identity with personal identification with a photograph. You can also download the Museokortti app, link your card to it, and use it for museum visits. You can find more information about the app here and from section 8 on this page.

Presenting proof of identification or your name is not sufficient to enter a museum. You must always present either the Museum Card, the mobile app (to which a customer number has been linked) or the customer number and personal identification. We recommend saving your customer number on your phone, for example. Another practical way to save the customer number is to take a photo of your Museum Card.

2.3. I have visited a museum with the cardboard card or with my customer number, but now the museum reading device informs me that the validity has expired. What can I do?

With an unregistered customer number, you can visit museums during the two weeks starting from the time of the first visit. After this, you have to register as a user to get access to the Museum Card museums.

It is also possible that the validity of your card has expired. In this case, you can extend the validity of your card in connection with a museum visit, on your own customer page or on the Museokortti app.


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