• Museopäivä 18.5.2019 Tiedekeskus Pilkkeessä

    Museopäivä 18.5.2019 Tiedekeskus Pilkkeessä

    Science Centre Pilke

    Tiedekeskus Pilkkeessä vietetään Museopäivää lauantaina 18.5.2019 klo 10-18, jolloin on maksuton sisäänpääsy...

    18.5.2019 - 18.5.2024

  • Valokuvanäyttely höyrylaiva Kurun haaksirikosta

    Valokuvanäyttely höyrylaiva Kurun haaksirikosta

    Museum Milavida

    Valokuvanäyttely kertoo 90 vuotta sitten tapahtuneesta höyrylaiva Kurun haaksirikosta.

    28.8.2019 - 17.11.2019

  • Zoom in on Kekkonen! Press Photographs

    Zoom in on Kekkonen! Press Photographs


    The press photographs in this exhibition tell the story of a great leader of the people who was the ultimate...

    30.5.2019 - 27.12.2020

  • Mir-sukellusalusten valmistus Lokomolla

    Mir-sukellusalusten valmistus Lokomolla

    Emil Aaltonen museum

    MIR 1 ja MIR 2 – näyttely Lokomo Oy:n Neuvostoliiton Tiedeakatemian tilauksesta valmistamista syvänmeren...

    1.1.2019 - 1.12.2019

  • HAIR – Tampereen Popteatterin tarina

    HAIR – Tampereen Popteatterin tarina

    Tampere Museums Vapriikki

    Vapriikin värikylläisessä näyttelyssä Popteatterin ja HAIRin kautta kohdataan kokonainen aikakausi, johon...

    8.8.2019 - 5.1.2020

  • Rupriikki Media Museum

    Rupriikki Media Museum

    Tampere Museums Vapriikki

    Rupriikki opens at Vapriikki in October 2015

    15.10.2015 - January 2020

  • Ambiente – Timo Sarpanevan painokankaita

    Ambiente – Timo Sarpanevan painokankaita

    Museum Milavida

    Timo Sarpaneva (1926–2006) oli maailman tunnetuimpia lasitaiteilijoita ja näyttävän uran tehnyt muotoilija,...

    12.4.2019 - 2.4.2020



    Tampere Museums Vapriikki

    On November 1st, Vapriikki will open a new exhibition introducing bustling life in Ostia, the ancient port...

    1.11.2019 - 10.5.2020

  • The Nottbecks – Cosmopolitans of Tampere

    The Nottbecks – Cosmopolitans of Tampere

    Museum Milavida

    The story of the glorious and cosmopolitan life of the von Nottbeck family in Tampere during the 19th century.

    12.6.2015 - 1.1.2020

  • Mikkeli Theatre 100 Years

    Mikkeli Theatre 100 Years

    Suur-Savo Museum

    The Mikkeli Theatre celebrates its 100th anniversaryduring the season of 2019–2020.

    2.5.2019 - 29.2.2020

  • Ajan henki

    Ajan henki

    Savonlinna Provincial Museum

    Savonlinnalaisen Kuvataideyhdisty Ars Nova ry:n 52. vuosinäyttely Ajan henki.

    21.10.2019 - 15.12.2019

  • Suomen Pelimuseo

    Suomen Pelimuseo

    Tampere Museums Vapriikki

    Suomen Pelimuseo avautuu loppiaisena 2017 Vapriikissa.

    5.1.2017 - January 2020

  • Tampere 1918

    Tampere 1918

    Tampere Museums Vapriikki

    Näyttely kertoo mitä Tampereella tapahtui keväällä 1918.

    26.1.2018 - December 2020

  • Yleisöopastus ja konserttihetki Villa Kokkosessa pe 15.11. klo 14.00

    Yleisöopastus ja konserttihetki Villa Kokkosessa pe 15.11. klo 14.00

    Alvar Aalto's Villa Kokkonen

    Villa Kokkosen isäntäparin opastuksella tutustutaan perjantaina 15.11 klo 14.00 taiteilijakotiin, joka on...

    15.11.2019 - 15.11.2019

  • Suomen jääkiekkomuseo

    Suomen jääkiekkomuseo

    Tampere Museums Vapriikki

    Elä uudelleen suomalaisen jääkiekon huippuhetket! Suomen Jääkiekkomuseo on yksi maailman kuudesta jääkiekon...

    13.4.2016 - December 2020

  • The City as Game Board – From Geocaching to Harry Potter

    The City as Game Board – From Geocaching to Harry Potter

    Tampere Museums Vapriikki

    The exhibition showcases this broader history, from the invention of geocaching to the first experimental...

    13.9.2019 - 1.12.2019

  • Natural History Museum

    Natural History Museum

    Tampere Museums Vapriikki

    The new section of the Natural History Museum will double the exhibition area.

    27.3.2015 - January 2020

  • Science centre Pilke

    Science centre Pilke

    Science Centre Pilke

    See the forest like you've never seen it before - at the Science Centre Pilke

    28.2.2019 - December 2024

  • The Theatre City

    The Theatre City

    Tampere Museums Vapriikki

    Vapriikissa ensi kesäkuussa avautuvassa näyttelyssä kurkistetaan Tampereen teatterihistoriaan, josta ei...

    7.6.2019 - 31.1.2021

  • 150 years of Emil Aaltonen

    150 years of Emil Aaltonen

    Emil Aaltonen museum

    On 29 August 2019, we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the industrialist Emil Aaltonen. The jubilee...

    29.8.2019 - 1.12.2019


Museum challenge photo competition – win a Museum card!

Take a picture or video of some of your Museum challenge accomplishments and add the picture on social media with the hashtags #museohaaste and #Museokortti. The best posts will be awarded with a museum card each month until the end of the year!

The challenge is a fun way to truly discover museums, whether you're a museum novice or a hard-core museum fan. The challenge presents 50 fun ways to explore familiar and new museums. Challenges can be completed one at a time or several during each museum visit.

Read more on the museum challenge and get to know the challenges:


How to participate:

  • Participate with a picture or a video of your own museum challenge completion. Check all 50 museum challenges from here:
  • Use the hashtags: #museohaaste and #museokortti.
  • If you completed the challenge at the museum, also mark down the museum where the challenge was completed.
  • Share your post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  • By participating you consent that your picture may be published at the Museokortti web pages and on social media channels. The name or nickname of the person will be published along with the picture/video.
  • You can also participate in the form of a blog post, by sharing the hashtags and the link to the blog on social media.


Museum cards as prizes

The best posts will be rewarded each month until the end of the year (31st of December 2019). The winners are chosen each month and awarded with a new Museum card or an extension of their existing card by 12 months.

Take the regulations each museum has concerning photography into account. Museokortti may share pictures and videos in the competition in its communications concerning the museum card.


Rules and guidelines for the Museum challenge competition



FMA Creations Oy (Museokortti)

Fredrikinkatu 39 C 22

00120 Helsinki


Duration of the competition:

The competition time is from the 15th of January until the 31st of December 2019.


Who can participate:

You can participate in the competition by sharing a picture of a video of the Museum challenge 2019. Tag it with the hashtags #museohaaste #Museokortti and @Museokortti. After this, share the post, visible to public, on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If making a blog post, share it with the hashtags on social media.

The rules of the competition apply to all participants. All people who live In Finland can participate, discounting personnel who work with the competition and their families.

The organizer retains the right to alter the rules of the competition without prior notice. If a participant is being suspected of foul play or actions that break the rules, the organizer has the right to disqualify their participation without specific notice.

By participating the contestant states that they have created the material themselves and using the material does not infringe on the law, good practice, copyright of others or other immaterial rights, defamation, privacy or business secrets.

None of the contests organized by Museokortti on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter are organized or sponsored by the platform in question and have nothing to do with the platform. Thus, the participants must be freed of all responsibilities concerning the contests in the platform in question. Same applies to other possible social media platforms.

The winner is chosen each month by the organizer.



The prize is a new Museum card or 12 months of continuation for an existing one. A new winner is selected each month, with a total of 12 prizes. The prize can't be exchanged for money. The winners will be contacted personally, and the prizes are sent in the mail.

If the winners can't be contacted in a reasonable amount of time through the information submitted when participating in the competition, a new winner will be selected.

The prizes will be only mailed to addresses in Finland.

Museokortti will cover the lottery tax as the organizer of the competition.

Rights to the material submitted in the contest:

By participating the contestant states that they have created the material themselves and using the material does not infringe on the law, good practice, copyright of others or other immaterial rights, defamation, privacy or business secrets.

By participating the contestant also gives Museokortti the right to share the material as a part of its own communications. Pictures and video can be published on the Museokortti website and on social media channels, for example reblogged on Instagram. The name or handle of the photographer is always published along with the photo/video.


Personal information: 

The personal information of the participants will not be used for marketing purposes without their consent, and they will not be handed out to third parties. The names of the winners may be published on the organizer’s own web page and on social media channels.

In questions concerning the competition, you can contact the organizer via email:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

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