• Sense of Skiing

    Sense of Skiing

    Ski Museum

    The main exhibition “Sense of Skiing” tells the story of both skiing enthusiasts and professional athletes in...

    7.7.2017 - 31.12.2030

  • Loss and Memory

    Loss and Memory

    Museum Militaria

    Loss and Memory depicts the work of military chaplains, the experiences of the family of the deceased and the...

    19.5.2019 - 15.3.2020

  • Sisäänpääsy, opastettu kierros ja konserttihetki museokortilla

    Sisäänpääsy, opastettu kierros ja konserttihetki museokortilla

    Alvar Aalto's Villa Kokkonen

    Taiteilijakoti Kokkosessa museokortti kattaa sisäänpääsyn sekä taiteilijakodin isäntäparin toteuttaman...

    1.1.2020 - 31.12.2020

  • Transit - rajapostia

    Transit - rajapostia

    The Museum of Torne Valley

    Tule pelaamaan Tornionlaakson museon uusi näyttely!

    6.2.2020 - 16.8.2020

  • Children's tour in Särestö

    Children's tour in Särestö

    Särestöniemi Museum

    Tulkaa viettämään perheen yhteinen päivä Särestössä ja voitte osallistua lastenkierrokselle "Sininen...

    18.2.2020 - 7.3.2020

  • Tarinoita syvästä idästä, osa 1

    Tarinoita syvästä idästä, osa 1

    Savonlinna Provincial Museum

    Valokuvaaja Veera Konstin valokuvanäyttely on ensimmäinen osa Itä-trilogiasta, jossa Konsti käsittelee...

    25.12.2019 - 29.3.2020

  • Reidar's Finmark

    Reidar's Finmark

    Särestöniemi Museum

    Reidar Särestöniemi had close family ties in the North reaching from the Ounasjoki riverbank in Kaukonen to...

    1.2.2019 - 00 2024

  • Encounters on the Border

    Encounters on the Border

    The Museum of Torne Valley

    The museum’s permanent exhibition Encounters on the border tells about the history of The Tornio Valley on...

    31.8.2014 - December 2025

  • Endless Stories

    Endless Stories

    Joensuu Art Museum Onni

    Selected works from the Rolando and Siv Pieraccini Collection

    20.2.2020 - 31.5.2020

  • Kaarlo Kivekäs - Kolmen armeijan kenraali

    Kaarlo Kivekäs - Kolmen armeijan kenraali

    Museum Militaria

    Näyttely esittelee kenraaliluutnantti Kivekkään vaiheikasta elämää.

    22.2.2019 - 29.3.2020

  • Se agraari-ihmisen kavonnu menneisyys

    Se agraari-ihmisen kavonnu menneisyys

    Särestöniemi Museum

    Särestön perheen elämä Reidarin kuvina

    14.2.2020 - 31.3.2020

  • Koipinahoista rehukauraan -Särestön arki Matti Saanion valokuvissa

    Koipinahoista rehukauraan -Särestön arki Matti Saanion valokuvissa

    Särestöniemi Museum

    Valokuvaaja Matti Saanio (1925-2006) kuvasi Särestön väkeä vuonna 1963 Suomen Kuvalehdelle. Hän ystävystyi...

    18.2.2020 - 30.4.2020

  • Konserttilippu 10 € museokortilla

    Konserttilippu 10 € museokortilla

    Alvar Aalto's Villa Kokkonen

    Taiteilijakoti Kokkonen järjestää vuosittain kymmenkunta yleisölle avointa konserttia. Konserttiliput...

    1.1.2020 - 31.12.2020

  • High-Flying Finns

    High-Flying Finns

    Ski Museum

    The photography exhibition "High-Flying Finns" illuminates the history of ski jumping from the...

    14.1.2019 - 30.10.2020

  • Christmas outlet

    Christmas outlet

    The Museum of Torne Valley

    Puuttuko joululahjat? Parhaat joululahjat löytyvät meiltä!

    23.11.2019 - 24.11.2024

  • Viimeinen hukka - hätä arktisen luonnon puolesta

    Viimeinen hukka - hätä arktisen luonnon puolesta

    Särestöniemi Museum

    Reidar Särestöniemen luonnonsuojelun puolesta kantaaottavia maalauksia

    6.11.2019 - 31.10.2020

  • Sweat, Sisu and Ski Heroes

    Sweat, Sisu and Ski Heroes

    Ski Museum

    The exhibition "Sweat, Sisu and Ski Heroes" revisits the golden era of Finnish skiing, from the...

    12.4.2019 - 31.12.2022

  • Rauman merimuseon perusnäyttely

    Rauman merimuseon perusnäyttely

    Rauma Maritime Museum

    Rauma Maritime Museum offers you an in-depth view to the maritime cultural heritage of Rauma, the...

    1.1.2006 - December 2020

  • Take down the sails - memoirs of a bygone world

    Take down the sails - memoirs of a bygone world

    Rauma Maritime Museum

    During the essential changes in seafaring in the 19th and early 20th century the men on board sailing ships...

    23.11.2019 - 28.2.2021

  • Työpajoja talvilomalaisille

    Työpajoja talvilomalaisille

    Museum Militaria

    Tarinoita kolmen armeijan kenraali Kaarlo Kivekkään maailmanmatkoista ja aiheeseen liittyvää askartelua.

    18.2.2020 - 28.2.2020


Company orders

How to buy Museum Cards for companies and associations

1. How do you buy Museum Cards with an invoice?

With our company order form, companies and associations can easily order Museum Cards to give as gifts for example to their personnel, key customers or board members. The smallest order that can be paid by invoice is 10 pieces, there is no maximum limit. The gift cards are delivered to the address that has been given within 1-2 weeks and the order is charged either by online or paper invoice.

If you want to buy less than 10 pieces or pay your order by credit card, you can use our webshop or buy the cards directly from a museum.


2. Do you already have to know the names of the gift receivers at the moment of purchase?

No. Museum Card is an easy gift that you can give to anyone you like. On the gift card in cardboard that you get sent to you when you order, there is a personal, 12-digit customer number – by using it, the gift receiver gets immediate access to a museum. When they register as a user of Museum Card at, we deliver to them a personal Museum Card with relief letters.


3.  What does it mean that the gift receiver has to register as a user?

Every Museum Card owner registers as a user. On the basis of the registering information, a plastic Museum Card with relief letters is made and sent to them by post. At the same time, their information is saved in our data base and we can for example deliver a new card in case the card is lost.

If an unregistered, temporary card is lost, a new card can’t be delivered.

We recommend that the gift receivers register as Museum Card users as soon as possible.  If you visit a museum with a temporary card, the registration has to be done within two weeks from that visit.


4. When does Museum Card’s validity period start?

The validity period of Museum Card always starts from the first museum visit, that is, a Museum Card bought as a gift doesn’t expire before it has actually begun being used. It’s possible to visit a museum just with a customer number, or with a plastic card.


5. Can cards you have ordered “expire”?

Temporary cards that you order do not expire ahead of time, since their validity period starts only at the moment of the first museum visit. You can make your order now and give the cards to your personnel for example in three months on their recreation day. You can also distribute unused cards throughout the year for example as prizes.


6. Some of our employees already have Museum cards. Is it possible to order cards for them?

Museum Cards can be combined, which means that the card owners can in this case add the validity period of the new card to their current card. This prolongs the validity period of the current card with one year.

Only a completely unused (no visits or registration) Museum Card can be combined with a card that is already in use.


7. What does “the text printed on the card” mean?

If you want, you can write a text of 27 signs (for example the name or the slogan of the company), which is then printed below the name of the user on the final, personal plastic card. Please note that the temporary card doesn’t have this text.


8. What does companion museum mean?

If the order is done in cooperation with a Museum Card point, the agent who makes the order can choose a companion museum and on the form write the name of the contact person at this museum. For these cards the museum gets provision.


9. The order hasn’t reached its destination, what can I do?

In problem situations or if you have questions, please contact the Museum Card Customer Service by sending an email or week days 9–12 at the number 044 - 784 5745. 


10.  What’s the attitude of the tax authorities towards Museum Card?


10.1 A company or association gives Museum Cards as Christmas gifts to its employees

A Museum Card can be given as a gift without fiscal consequences. According to the interpretation of the tax authorities, a Museum Card is a minor gift, because it costs less than 100 euros, and is a product that can’t be compared to money or exchanged for money.

A minor gift, which hasn’t been received in the form of money or as a way of payment comparable to money, isn’t considered a taxable wage or retirement income. When giving gifts to employees, you have to make sure that no one is discriminated hereby. Supplementary information on minor gifts on the pages of the Tax Authorities.


10.2 A company or association gives Museum Cards as Christmas gifts to their key customers

When Museum Cards are given to a restricted group outside the company, this is interpreted as a representation gift. In this case, 50 per cent of the value of the gift can be deducted on the taxes of the giver.


10.3 A company or association wants to remunerate an employee who is retiring with a Museum Card

The situation is the same as in point 10.1


10.4 A company or association buys Museum Cards in order to use them as lottery prizes

If the value of the lottery prizes falls below 166,66 euros, you don’t have to pay lottery tax. If the lottery is organized among the employees, the prize received from the employer is seen as taxable income. But the value of one prize is so small that it doesn’t have to be mentioned in the person’s tax report.


10.5 A company or association supports the well-being of its employees by a Museum Card (cf the recreation voucher)

The maximum value of a benefit received as Tyky payment is 400 euros a year per person. In this case it’s exempt of tax for the receiver and the employer can deduct it on their taxable income. Museum Card is far below this limit.

The normal personnel benefit that an employee receives is according to the Law of Taxation 69 § not taxable, for example in the case of physical or cultural activity organized by the employer. Especially the Law of Taxation 69 § subsection 5 defines that this kind of Tyky benefit can consist of a museum visit. It’s important that the benefit is personal. The Tyky benefit has to be equally accessible to all the employees. The employee does not have to accept the benefit. Often, for the employee the Tyky voucher also has an excess portion, for example 15% of the value of the benefit.

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