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Most common questions

1. Buying a Museum Card for yourself or as a gift

1.1. Where can I buy a Museum Card for myself?

You can buy a Museum Card for yourself at the Museum Card museums and in the Museum Card webshop
At the Card museum, you get a temporary Museum Card, with whose number you register as a Museum Card user. On the basis of the registration information we send you a plastic card. 
When you buy a Museum Card for yourself on the web, you do the registration in connection with the purchase and we send the plastic card directly to the address you have given. 
In the webshop you can pay with the most common paying cards, by the internet bank or by Smartum Saldo. If you want to use the Debit side of the combination card, you will find your number and the security code at the bottom line of the adverse side of the card.

1.2. Where and how can I buy a Museum Card as a gift?

You can buy a Museum Card as a gift in our webshop and at the Museum Card museums   You can buy as many gift Museum Cards at a time as you like. 
At the Museum Card museums, you can pay the gift in cash or by card and in our webshop paying cards and internet bank payment are possible as ways of paying. More information about Museum Card used as a gift is found here! 
In the Museum Card webshop, it’s possible to buy the gift either as a gift envelope which is sent by post or as a digital gift delivered as email and text message to the receiver of the gift. The date of delivery of the gift you can yourself choose, and in the email you can also include greetings or congratulations to the receiver of the gift.
At the Museum Card museums  you get a temporary Museum Card, which you can give as a gift to anyone you like.

1.3. Is there a special Museum Card for children, students or the retired?

There are no special prices for special groups of visitors. A new Museum Card costs 69 euros and the renewal of a valid card costs 64 euros.

1.4. Can I pay the Museum Card with Culture and Recreation vouchers?

A Museum Card can be bought and renewed at the museum museums with Culture and Recreation vouchers. This paying possibility depends, however, on the card museums and their systems, so it’s good always to check the matter by calling or checking the homepage of the museum in question. Remember that Culture and Recreation vouchers are personal.
You can also buy a Museum Card with Culture and Recreation vouchers at Tiketti. Read more about Tiketti’s paying methods here. The shopping page of Museum Card is found here.

1.5. Can I pay cards with an invoice?

It is possible to pay orders of more than 10 Museum Cards with an invoice: at the address a company or association can easily order several cards and pay the order through a paper or internet invoice. More information about company orders you find here. If you want to pay the renewal of several cards through an invoice, please contact the Museum Card Customer Service.

1.6. Can a person living abroad buy a Museum Card?

Yes. The actual plastic Museum Cards are sent by post only to Finnish postal addresses, but you can get access to a museum also with a customer number. If you don’t have in use a Finnish permanent home address, you can also give as your address that of a working place, an acquaintance, or a temporary address where you are staying for at least one month, marked with c/o. Write c/o at the beginning of the address line. If you don’t have in use an address of this kind, you can contact the Museum Card Customer Service.

1.7 What does campaign code mean and how does it work?

A possible campaign code entitles you to some kind of benefit and is fed into the Campaign Code field. The benefits of the campaign code concern only new customers, who use the code when registering as Museum Card user during the time of the campaign. Campaign codes are only valid during a limited amount of time.
If you have registered as a user of Museum Card earlier, if you forget to use your campaign code when registering or use an expired campaign code, the benefit can’t be added to the Museum Card afterwards.

2. Use, renewal and combining of the Museum Card

2.1. From which moment does the validity of the Museum Card start? And how do I know how long my card is still valid?

The validity period of your Museum Card always starts in connection with the first museum visit, when you register your first museum visit on your card. The moment of purchasing or registering as a user doesn’t affect the validity, unless you register a museum visit on your card immediately at the moment of buying it. This concerns also cards bought as gifts. In other words: If you purchase a Museum Card today, but visit a museum with it only on the fifth day of the next month, the validity period starts from that visit.
You can check the validity of your Museum Card on the reading device of a museum, at your own customer page or by sending a text message free of charge MUSEO your customer number to the number 16100. For example MUSEO 123456789101.

2.2 Will I get into a museum if I have a Museum Card, but have forgotten it at home?

If you have forgotten your actual Museum Card at home, with the help of just your customer number you will get into the museum, but using the customer number you must always prepare to identify yourself with an ID with a photo. This means it’s not enough for getting access to the museum just to show your identification or your name. In the museum, you always have to show either your Museum Card or your customer number plus ID. We recommend you to save the customer number of your Museum Card for example in your phone. Another practical method is to take a picture of your Museum Card.

2.3. I have visited a museum with the cardboard card or with my customer number, but now the reading device of the museum informs me that validity has expired. What can I do?

With an unregistered customer number, you can visit museums during two weeks, beginning from the moment of the first visit. After this, you have to register as a user to get access to the card museums. 
It is also possible that the validity of your card has expired. In this case you can renew your card in connection with a museum visit, or at your own customer page.

2.4. What does the renewal of a Museum Card mean and how much does it cost?

When a valid Museum Card is renewed, its last day of validity moves 12 months forward. The new 12-month validity of an already expired card begins on the day of the renewal. It’s worth renewing the Museum Card beforehand: the renewal of a valid Museum Card costs only 64€. The renewal of an expired Museum Card, that is a card whose validity has already ended, costs 69€.

2.5. Where and how can I renew my Museum Card?

The Museum Card can be renewed on the Customer Page or at all the Museum card museums. You can renew your card (that is buy 12 months more of validity for it) at any time, why not even six months before the expiration date. A Museum Card that has already expired can also be renewed at any time. After the renewal, no new plastic card will be sent to you, but a new validity period will be added on the existing card. Campaign codes aren’t in use when renewing.

2.6. How do I renew my card on the internet?

The renewal takes place on your Customer page. You get the possibility to register at the page by feeding your Museum Card number and the additional information required. Then select “Renew Museum Card now”. You can pay the renewal at the customer page using the internet bank, the most common credit and debit cards, and Smartum Saldo. The three unit code security number of your payment card is found on the reverse side of your card, and if you want to use the Debit side of the combination card, you will find your number and the security code at the bottom line of the adverse side of the card. Whether or not the Visa Electron and Maestro cards function when it comes to web payment, depends on the settings of your own bank. Some banks might have the choice of a default setting on the card, that prevents web payment with Electron or Maestro.
The validity of the Museum Card is updated when the paying has been completed. The receipt for the payment is updated at the same time on the customer pages. If the validity isn’t updated immediately after the renewal, log out and log in again at the Customer Pages.

2.7. How do I renew my card in a museum? Can I pay with Culture Vouchers?

The Museum Card can be renewed at all Museum card museums at any time. You renew your card at the museum desk and its validity is updated immediately. At other selling museums (for example Tiketti), you can’t at the moment renew your card.
At the card museums, the renewal is paid in cash or by card. At the museum museums, you can also do the renewal using Culture and Recreation Vouchers. The payment possibility depends on the card museums, so it’s good to assure yourself of the situation by calling or checking the home page of the card museum in question. Please remember that Culture and Recreation Vouchers are personal.

2.8. What is meant by automatic renewal of Museum Card and how do I subscribe to it?

When you pay the renewal of your Museum Card on your Customer page online by payment card, you can at the same time allow automatic renewal of the card. Automatic renewal means that your card will automatically renew before its validity expires and the current price of renewal is charged on your payment card.  In this way your Museum Card is valid always! Before the automatic renewal you will always get a reminder of the matter by email in case that you want to disconnect the automatic renewal.

2.9. I can’t log in to the customer page. What shall I do?

Are you sure you are logging in to the right page? The customer page of Museum Card is found here. If the form freezes or you can’t advance further from the page, it’s worth trying to log in on another device or internet browser. If this doesn’t work either, you can contact Museum Card customer service. If you forget or lose your password, you can invalidate it by pressing “Did you forget your password?”.

2.10 What does combining of cards mean?

A completely new, unused Museum Card can be combined with an old one. If you have a plastic card and for example get a new unused Museum Card as a gift, you can combine these two cards. The combining can be done either on your Customer page or at a Museum Card museum.  Combining cards adds 12 more months to your plastic card.
Only a completely unused (no registering, no museum visits) Museum Card can be combined with a card already in use. After the combining, the extra customer number is invalidated, and can’t be used as an entrance ticket to card museum. Two Museum Cards already in use can’t be combined.

3. Registering as a user of Museum Card

3.1. What does registering mean?

When you register as a user of Museum Card, your information is saved in our system. On the basis of this information, we print and send you a plastic card with your name on it.

3.2. I bought a Museum Card for myself in the webshop. Must I register as a user?

Those who have bought a Museum Card in the webshop don’t need to register specially, because the personal information that will be found on the card has already been requested at the moment of the purchase.
The owners of cards bought as gifts in the webshop or bought at a museum, register themselves on the web, and on the basis of the registration information we then post them the actual, plastic Museum Card.

3.3. What is a campaign code and how does it work?

A possible campaign code entitles you to some kind of benefit or supplementary service and is fed into the Campaign Code field.
The campaign codes concern only new customers, who use the code when registering as users of Museum Card during the campaign period.
Campaign codes are like the special offers of shops, that is to say, they’re valid only during a limited amount of time.
If you have registered as a user of Museum Card earlier, if you forget to use the campaign code when registering, or if you use an expired campaign code, the benefit can’t be added to your Museum Card afterwards.

3.4. When I try to register as a user, the sign appears “the code is already in use”. Why?

Your code is already being used by someone else. Please contact the Museum Card customer service.

3.5. I mistakenly gave the wrong address or some other wrong information on the registration form. How can I change it?

If you have given the wrong address information, you can send the corrected information by email to Museum Card customer service:

3.6. The registration form is frozen or doesn’t move forwards, when I try to fill it in. What should I do?

I you can’t move forwards on your registration form (for example if the next button doesn’t work) or if the page is frozen, it’s good to try registering on another device or with another browser. We recommend you to register on a computer. The security settings of the computer, or programs for removing advertisements, might also prevent registration in some cases. The automatic registration of personal information might also make the form freeze.
You can ask for help at the ticket desk of the nearest Museum Card museum or contact Museum Card customer service, if you still have problems registering.

3.7. Two weeks have already passed since my registration, but the actual Museum Card hasn’t arrived by post yet. How come?

The actual, relief printed Museum Card arrives in about 1–3 weeks after the registering of the information. The printing of the card and the delivering procedures of the post, however, might for reasons that don’t have to do with us sometimes delay the process. If the Museum Card hasn’t arrived in a little over three weeks from the moment of registration, please contact the customer service. Remember that while waiting for the card, you can also get into the museum with the customer number and by showing an ID with a photo!

3.8. I already have a Museum Card, but now I have received a new one as a gift. Should I register once more?

If you have a plastic card and for example as a gift get a completely new Museum Card, you can combine these two cards. Combining can be done either on your Customer page or at a Museum Card museum. Combining adds another 12-month validity to a card that’s in use.

Only a completely unused  (no registration, no museum visits) Museum Card can be combined with a card that’s already in use. After the combining, the extra customer number is invalidated, and it can’t be used as an entrance ticket to museum museums. Two cards that are already in use can’t be combined.

3.9. I didn’t remember to register in two weeks – is my card now lost?

No, but you can’t get into a museum anymore until you have registered. Please remember to register online as soon as possible. After registering, the card reactivates itself within a couple of minutes. 

4. The Museum Card museums

4.1. Can I really get into more than 260 museums even every day?

At the moment, there are more than 260 Museum Card museums and you can pop in there as many times as you like. You can visit the same museum with the same card once a day, but you can get in again every single day. 
Check out our map of the museums, which you can for example print out. The different search functions on help you to find museums, exhibitions and events trough different themes.

4.2. Why can you visit the same Museum Card museum only once a day?

In order to avoid misuse, it’s only allowed to visit the same museum with one card once a day. Most museums give their customers (also Museum Card customers) for example a sticker with which they can visit the museum during that day.

4.3. Are still other museums planning to join the Museum Card system? Why haven’t all of them joined?

Yes. More than 260 museums in different parts of Finland have joined, but the number of museum museums is still growing. The system is open, so new museums can join.
Please notice that museums decide completely independently if they are in the Museum Card system or not. If your own favourite museum isn’t yet a Museum Card museum, it’s worth giving a kind customer feedback directly to them. 

4.4. I am an special assistant of a Museum Card user. Can I get in for free to a museum with them?

The Finnish Museums Association recommends that the assistants of museum visitors have free access to all the member museums of the Association, but the policy varies from museum to museum. Museum Card is a personal card and will not guarantee a free entry to an assistant. Please check the policy of the museum you'd like to visit on their website or by contacting them directly.

4.5. Can you get a discount on the products of a museum cafeteria or shop with the Museum Card?

The museums can, if they so wish, offer benefits to Museum Card owners. Ask about possible benefits at the ticket desk!

5. Other Museum Card matters, error situations and losing of the card

5.1 Where can I find the Museum Card user conditions?

The Museum Card terms of use in Finnish, Swedish and English.

5.2. How do I get in touch with Museum Card customer service?

At the ticket desks of the Museum Card museums, the personnel helps the customers gladly. If you have bought your card at a museum, in possible problem situations it’s preferable first to turn to the museum in question. You can also get help registering as a user by the customer servants at the ticket desks. 
You get in touch with Museum Card customer service by sending an email or week days 9–12 at the number 044 - 784 5745. 
Note! Calling the numbers of the Finnish Museums Association, you don’t get answers to questions concerning Museum Card.

5.3. My name has a spelling error on the plastic Museum Card. Can I change it?

The cards are produced and posted automatically on the basis of the given information: the name can’t be changed afterwards. It’s the user’s responsibility to tap their own name carefully. Completely new cards can be posted in order to get tapping errors corrected only in well motivated special cases.
If your name has changed for example as a result of contracting marriage, you can contact Museum Card customer service by sending an email or week days 9–12 at the number 044 - 784 5745. 

5.4. I lost my temporary card, what do I do?

After buying your card, it’s recommended to take a photo of the temporary card, or write down your customer number in case the card and it's number is lost.
If your temporary card is lost and you don’t have your customer number, we unfortunately can not give you a new card since every number is personal and costs 69€.

5.5. My wallet was stolen and my Museum Card was lost. What shall I do?

Please contact Museum Card customer service and we will send you a new one. In your message, remember to mention your home address and the number of your card, if you can remember it. This accelerates the delivering process.
Note! We cannot replace a card that hasn’t been registered for use, since the information on it is not in our system. 

5.6. I want to receive the Museum Card newsletter. How does it work?

The Museum Card newsletter is sent once every month to card owners who have given their permission when registrating their card for use. The e-letter contains Museum Card news and gives interesting exhibitions tips.
If you, despite having registered, don’t get the newsletter or if the newsletter doesn’t work properly, check your email address at the Customer Page or contact our customer service.

5.7. I’m arranging an event where I would like to give Museum Cards as prizes. Can I get them from you for free?

We have a very warm attitude towards types of partnership that benefit both parts, but without a compensation we cannot give away Museum Cards even for the best of purposes. Museum Cards can be bought in order to give as prizes at the price of 69 euros per piece.

5.8. My Museum Card chip doesn’t work with the reading devices at museums. What do I do?

Reading tablets at museums can sometimes require that the card be held a little longer on the reading device. If the automatic reading of the card doesn’t work, the customer servant can tap in the customer number on the reading device. If the chip doesn’t work at other museum museums either, it’s probably a question of a defective card. In these cases, please contact our customer service by sending an email or week days 9–12 at the number 044 - 784 5745. 

5.9. Why can a HSL Travel Card and a Museum Card that are in the same wallet complicate the use of the Travel Card?

In both cards, the same type of NFC chip is used. When these cards are close to each other, they may disturb each other’s signals. Moving the cards farther away from each other helps against this kind of disturbance.

5.10. I have a Museum Card, but for the museum’s special exhibition I was charged a couple of euros extra. Why?

If the museum organizes, alongside with its basic exhibition, an expensive special exhibition, it can if it so wishes charge extra for the special exhibition, a sum consisting of the difference between the basic ticket and the special ticket – just like it says in the Museum Card terms of use. Expensive special exhibitions are, however, rare separate happenings – with Museum Card you can normally get access to the basic exhibitions of all the museums without extra charge!

5.11. Is there a mobile version available of Museum Card and does the card have a mobile application?

Currently Museum Card does not have a mobile version or application. When you buy a Museum Card on the webshop, you get a customer number by text message and email by which can access any Museum Card museum right away. 

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